BST-016 Εργαλείο Μαγνητισμού / Απομαγνητισμού

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BST-016 Εργαλείο Μαγνητισμού / Απομαγνητισμού

To magnetize or demagnetize the screw-driver tips and other components (suitable for 1.3~7mm diameter metal parts).

Internal industrial C8 magnetic field producer durableand not easy to break with ABS plastic case.

Easier to collect screwdriver with the holes design on the magnetizer.

Size 2~4mm screwdriver blades are available..



While awkwardly making a pick up on the screws, just insert the screwdriver tip into the "+" marked end to give a magnetized so that the screws can be easily to pick up.

While repairing the electric appliances and electronic components & parts, simply insert the screwdriver tip into the "-" marked end to give a demagnetized instantly

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