MagPi - Τεύχος 80 - Το περιοδικό για το Raspberry Pi

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Προσθέστε στην παραγγελία σας ή παραγγείλτε μεμονομένα το MagPi με δωρεάν μεταφορικά απο το nettop(τα μεταφορικά αφαιρούντε από το καλάθι σας)

Plus! All this inside The MagPi 80

Amazing ham radio projects 

Use ham radio with Raspberry Pi

Hack a Lego Boost

Use a Raspberry Pi device to control your Lego projects

Set up a Samba file server

Quickly build a Raspberry Pi network file-storage device

Build a karaoke machine

Sing your heart out with this great Raspberry Pi project

Make comic books from TV recordings

Automatically turn video recordings into mock hand-drawn comic books

The top 10 HATs

The best Hardware Attached on Top accessories for Raspberry Pi

Learn the command line

A great selection of resources for anybody looking to boost their command-line skills

Underwater drone

How one reader has built a remote-control underwater robot

The Clapper

Recreate this classic clap on/off light switch with a Raspberry Pi

Win! Keybow keyboards

Your chance to win one of five mechanical keyboards

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