HDMI To CSI Adapter For Raspberry Pi Series, 1080p@30fps Support

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HDMI to CSI Camera Adapter

Compatible with Raspberry Pi Series Boards

This is an HDMI to CSI camera port adapter designed for Raspberry Pi with up to 1080p@30fps support from HDMI input, backward compatible. It allows you to use HDMI cameras just as the standard Raspberry Pi CSI cameras, all versions of Raspberry Pi series boards are supported.

Chip TC358743XBG
Input signal Video HDMI1.4, RGB888, up to 1080p@30fps support
Audio HDMI
Output signal Video 2-lanes MIPI CSI-2
Audio I2S audio output, LPCM audio stream format
operating system Raspberry Pi OS 32bit
Operating voltage 3.3V
Operating temperature -30 ~ 70°C
how to use

* Note: it is required to connect the reserved solder pad to the I2S pin
of Raspberry Pi for audio output

application example
connecting with Raspberry Pi

* Specific FFC is required for the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 5.

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