Cute robot car for Raspberry Pi Pico support MicroPython programming(Without pico +without battery)

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Cute robot car for Raspberry Pi Pico support MicroPython programming(Without pico +without battery)


Raspberry Pi Pico robot is a compact and cost-effective educational programmable 2WD smart car. It is based on Raspberry Pi Pico, and uses the MicroPython as programming language, combined with on-board sensors, many interesting functions are realized. This robot possess an infrared receiver and a Bluetooth module, so the user can remotely control it through the infrared remote control or mobile phone APP. We reserve the servo interface, IIC interface, and common pins on the expansion board, which is convenient for users to expand more functions. In addition, we will provide a large number of tutorials and source codes. All in all, this is a good platform for programming beginners, programming education institutions or primary education.


  • Small size, reasonable layout, high cost performance
  • A large number of on-board resources: tracking sensor, ultrasonic, light sensor, sound sensor, buzzer, Bluetooth module, OLED display, infrared receiver.
  • MicroPython programming
  • Two remote control methods: infrared remote control, mobile phone APP Bluetooth remote control
  • A variety of expansion interfaces are reserved: IIC interface, servo interface, GPIO interface.


Yahboom Raspberry Pi Pico Robot






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