MicroROS-Pi5 ROS2 Robot Car for Raspberry Pi 5 (ROS2-HUMBLE + Python3)

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MicroROS-Pi5 ROS2 Robot Car for Raspberry Pi 5 (ROS2-HUMBLE + Python3)


This MicroROS-Pi5 ROS2 car is developed based on Raspberry Pi 5. It consists of a Micro ROS robot expansion board with ESP32 co-processor, 4PCS 310 encoder motor, high-quality tires, 7.4V 2000mAh rechargeable battery, MS200 lidar, 2MP camera, 2DOF gimbal and an aluminum alloy frame. It adopt ROS2-HUMBLE development environment and Python3 programming, and uses OpenCV image processing and MediaPipe machine learning algorithms to achieve multiple functions such as robot motion control, AI visual interaction, SLAM mapping navigation, RViz simulation and multi-machine synchronization control. Users can control it by mobile APP, wireless controller, computer keyboard control. Yahboom will provide each customer with detailed tutorial materials, installation videos and professional technical support.


  • Suitable for the Raspberry Pi 5 board. Latestpower supply solution can provide 5.1V/5A power supply for the RPi 5, ensuring that the USB interface provides sufficient current to unleash the full performance of the RPi 5.
  • Using Raspberry Pi OS +ROS2-HUMBLE, Python3 as the programming language.
  • Equipped with ESP32-Micro ROS robot expansion board, 310 encoder motor, MS200 lidar, 2DOF cameraPTZ , Cool cooler Pi 50 and other hardware devices.
  • Gesture recognition, color tracking, MediaPipe attitude detection, lidar mapping navigation, path planning, obstacle tracking and avoidance can be easily realized.
  • The car body is made of anodized aluminum alloy, combined with unique structural design, beautiful and durable.


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