SMD Welding Practice Board with Test Points

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SMD Welding Practice Board with Test Points

Board size: 70*57MM Thickness: 1.6mm Board material: international standard plate, blue solder mask, all solder pads are tin-plated, high-strength fireproof and anti-drop material, which can be repeatedly disassembled.
Size: 70*57mm
Sheet: FR-4 tin plated
SMD components: 149
Soldering point: 444

The full process circuit board is the same as the competition board.
There are 10 types of SMD components for welding, 129 pieces in total, and corresponding test points are set.

Component list:

  1. Resistance type---Package is 0805 (60 pcs)
  2. Resistance type---package is 0603 (10 pcs)
  3. Light-emitting diodes---packaged as 0805 (10 pcs)
  4. Exclusion class---packaged as 0603 (5 pcs)
  5. Capacitors---packaged as 0805 (10 pcs)
  6. Diodes--packaged as 1206 (10 pcs)
  7. Transistor type--packaged as SOT-23 (10 pcs)
  8. Integrated chips--packaged as SOP-8, SOP-16 (2 pcs)
  9. Resistor or capacitor type---package is 0402 (10 pcs)
  10. Integrated chip type-packaged as LQFP44 (2 pcs)


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