ZY-208 3220pts Breadboard (by 4pcs 830pts MB-102)

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ZY-208 3220pts Breadboard (by 4pcs 830pts MB-102)

Fits a variety of wire sizes (20-29 AWG); Size: 240mm x 210mm.
Needs no soldering; breadboards fixed by screws on the aluminum board and able to be disassembled.
Comprised of 4 groups of center sections with 2520 holes, 7 metal strips with 700 holes; provided with 4 terminals with ABS cap.
With positive and negative marks on each strip end, and color indication for the 4 terminals on the aluminum board for different voltages.
Provides with 3220 holes in total, perfect for experiments and tests of small or big complicated project.


The Bread Board ZY-208 is designed for solderless experiment of electronic circuits. It is a huge aluminum board with breadboards fixed onside by screws. You can just plug the components on the breadboard, connect them with some jumper wires and the make the experiment work then! It's totally free of soldering work, which saves time and is convenient and environmentally friendly. On the aluminum board there are 4 round holes to install the terminals for extra power – three different voltages and a GND, suitable for making experiments working under different voltages at the same time. This board thus enables great diversity of means in making experiments. Underneath this black aluminum board, you can add 4 rubber bases provided in the package, so the board can be placed on the desk conveniently or workbench.


  • MCU
  • DIY Items
  • Complex experiments

Package includes

  • 1 x 3220-hole Solderless Breadboard
  • 4 x Terminal with cap
  • 4 x Rubber Base

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