6-24V 12V/24V to 5V 3A CAR USB Charger Module

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6-24V 12V/24V to 5V 3A CAR USB Charger Module

Modular nature:Non-isolated step-down module (BUCK) synchronous rectification
Input voltage:DC 6-24V
Output current:Maximum 3A (full load please pay attention to heat), the actual test input 12V output within 2A without special treatment heat dissipation.
The output voltage:5.1-5.2V(You can choose between 3.3-6V, if other voltage please inform the dispensers in advance, the default delivery is 5.1V-5.2)
Conversion efficiency:highest97.5%(6.5 rpm to 5V 0.7A)(Short reverse polarity protection and fuse after the test value)
Switch frequency: 500KHz

Package includes:

1 x USB DC Converter 5V 3A

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