USB to LoRa Data Transfer Module, Based On SX1262, Suitable For Data Acquisition In Industry And Agriculture

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USB to LoRa Data Transfer Module

SX1262 solution, driver-free, multi-system compatible
supports multiple operating modes, portable and easy to use

Suitable for data acquisition in industry and agriculture

Used in pairs, please order 2 PCS at the same time
Version Options



The HF version is 850~930MHz frequency for Europe, America and Oceania, and the LF version is 410~510MHz frequency for Asia and Europe, please select the frequency version according to the local radio regulations before placing order.



The USB-TO-LoRa-xF-B uses XTAL crystal oscillator and is recommended to be used in 0~50℃ temperature, while USB-TO-LoRa-xF uses TCXO crystal oscillator and is recommended to be use in 0~85℃ temperature.

Extension antenna support

868/915M Magnet Mount Antenna
Cable length approx. 3m

433/470M Magnet Mount Antenna
Cable length approx. 3m

* for reference only, the Magnet Mount Antennas above are NOT included.
please purchase separately if you need to use the module in the outdoors.

Features at a glance

The USB-TO-LoRa-xF is a wireless data transfer unit with USB interfaces based on the SX1262 module. Adopts LoRa Modulate and Demodulate technology, with the advantages of anti-interference and long-distance communication (up to 5KM). Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay network, AES, etc. Compact size and easy to install, suitable for the wireless data transmission and device control of industry standard or non-standard user protocol

  • Adopts LoRa Modulate and Demodulate technology, anti-interference and long-distance communication
  • Adopts the original SX1262 chip, with -148dBm reception sensitivity and 22dBm emitt power
  • Supports preamble detection, with CRC, automatic packetization, 960 bytes cache functions
  • Supports LBT sending, RSSI output, AT command configuration
  • AES communication to ensure data transmission security
  • Supports multi-level relay networking to increase the wireless communication distance
  • Supports host configuration and firmware upgrade (support firmware customization for batch order)
  • Comes with online resources and manual
Interfaces USB Type A
SMA-KE female connector: 6dBi omni-directional antenna × 1
Enclosure ABS case
Dimension 56.40 × 18.40 × 12.52mm
Wireless Parameters
Frequency Band Sub-GHz (410~510MHz, 850~930MHz)
Signal Modulation LoRa
Encryption Type AES128
Emit Power +22dBm Max
Reception Sensitivity -148dBm
SERIAL Parameters
Baud Rate 1200 ~ 115200bps
Parity Bit None, Odd, Even
Data Bit 8 ~ 9 bits
Flow Control N/A
Environmental Requirement
Operating Temperature TCXO version: 0 ~ 85℃
XTAL version: 0 ~ 50℃
Humidity Range 5% ~ 95% relative humidity


Primary function

Supports USB To LoRa

The LoRa Spread Spectrum Technology

Compared to traditional communication, LoRa Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technologies greatly improve the performance of long-range communication and anti-interference, widely used in military and industrial communication fields.

Multiple communication methods
Can Be Set Via Software
Relay Networking

The radio station can realize multi-level relay networking, suitable for ultra long-range distance or complex environment networking communication, allows multi networking on the same region

AT Command Mode

Users can query the current status of the module or set parameters by sending AT commands

AES Communication

The secret key is writable but unreadable, the devices with the encrypted transmission enabled and the same key can communicate with each other normally for greater security

Listen Before Talk (LBT)

The module will actively monitor the environmental noise of the channel before sending. If the noise exceeds the threshold, the sending will be delayed. This function can improve the communication success rate of the module in harsh environments, suitable for networking transmission and anti-collision processing

Receive Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)

Supports serial port output of data packet signal strength, can be used to evaluate signal quality, improve communication network, and measure distance. Supports serial port output of environmental noise signal strength, can be used to manually realize LBT function.

High-quality Components

For stable performance of communication module

Original chip

Industrial grade crystal oscillator
-40 ~ 85℃ (TCXO version)

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Ensure the long time working of the module without frequency shift at the extreme temperature environment of industry

(This function is only available in the TCXO crystal oscillator version)

Actual test environment

Sunny weather with an open field, 22dBm emit power, airspeed 0.3kbps,
6dBi magnetic CB antenna, 3m antenna height, 5km distance

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