FT4232HL USB to 4-Channels TTL Serial Module

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FT4232HL USB to 4-Channels TTL Serial Module



●Carefully optimized circuit, communication rate up to 12Mbps
●TTL compatible with 5V level
●Onboard DC 5V power interface, 500MA current output, improve load capacity.
●Onboard EROM, which can be configured to JRAG/SPI and other interface forms through FT PROG software.
●All available IOs are all exported.
●Each serial port has an independent transceiver indicator LED, which is convenient to observe the status of the serial port
●Immersive gold PCB, lead-free process, with M3 mounting screw holes
●Four serial ports are connected at the same time, you can observe data at the same time,


Supply voltage: power supply (5.0V)

Current: 50MA

Baud rate: 1200-921600

Transmission rate: 12MBPS

Working temperature: -40--85 degree

Interface Description:

VCC: power supply (5.0V)

RXD: The receiving pin of the module's own port (TTL level, not directly connected to RS232 level!) can be connected to the TXD of the MCU

TXD: The receiving pin of the module's own port (TTL level, not directly connected to RS232 level!) can be connected to the RXD of the MCU

GND: Ground

Pin function:

The pins that must be connected for normal communication:

1. USB interface: to connect to a computer or host computer, it must be connected. Turn the power selection switch to the V-USB side to get power from the USB.

2.TX A/B/C/D: Serial data transmission pin (refers to the module's own data outflow→, corresponding to the RX. data reception of the external device.)

3. RX A/B/C/D: Serial data receiving pin (refers to the module's own data input ←, corresponding to the external device's TX. data transmission.)

4. GND: power ground (GND must be connected and must not be wrongly connected, otherwise it may damage the device or serial port module)

The following pins are not necessary for communication, you can decide whether to connect according to your needs

1. IO leads on both sides: including flow control pins such as CTS/RTS/DCD/RI/DSR and 5V power supply leads to the serial port, generally not used, please decide whether to connect or not according to your needs.

2. Due to electrical characteristics, the RX pins on the IOs on both sides cannot be used for communication, but can only be used for measuring signals. For communication, please use the RX on the white XH2.54 terminal. Other IOs can be used normally

3. In the factory test, the TX/RX are directly connected and can be removed during use.


1. This is a 5V TTL level serial port, please do not connect RS 232 level equipment (+-5V to +-15V)

2. When this module is powered by USB, the load must not exceed 500mA, otherwise the module or computer USB may be overloaded and damaged (communication only requires three GND/TX/RX wires).

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