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Σετ μαγνητικά κατσαβίδια Slotted Torx Cross Head for Laptop / Cell Phone Repair

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Κωδικός προϊόντος :BST-666

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1. This size is designed according human hand, it is very comfortable to use.

2. The screwdriver head is processed in high temperature,  it still works well after using a long time.

3. The screwdriver bit is magnetic, the screw will be gripped on the tip.

3. The mobile phone screwdriver set include 12pcs different screwdriver, which can be used almost  mobile phone, iphone,ipad, laptop, computer, XBOX,3ds,macbook air/pro,  and other  electronic  professional repairing.


Item: BEST-666  

Material: Cr-V steel + high class rubber handle

Heat treatment: Processed in high temperature 

Type of head: T2,T3,T4,T5,T6,T8,PH00,PH000,tri-wing 2.5,Flat 2.0, Pentalobe 0.8,Pentablobe 1.2 

Package: Plastic box

Size: 153mm*116mm*37mm

Weight : 265kg/set


High quality screwdriver set:
1. Batch handle with anti-static material, non-slip handle can maximize torque.
2.  Particularly environmentally friendly plastic for comfortable operation effort.
3. Screwdriver rod made from chrome vanadium steel, hardened .
4. Chrome vanadium screwdriver head to ensure that the size of the highest accuracy. Quality and wear resistance are the best.

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