Water Level Sensor DC 3V-5V

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Water Level Sensor DC 3V-5V

Water sensor is a simple, easy-to-use, high cost-effective water level / droplet detection sensor, which measures the size of water drops / water through a series of exposed parallel wire traces to determine the water level. Easy to complete the conversion of water volume to analog signal, and achieve the effect of water level alarm.

Specification parameters:
Product Name: water level sensor
Working voltage: dc3-5v
Working current: less than 20mA
Sensor type: Analog
Detection area: 40mm x 16mm
Production process: FR4 double side tin spraying
Working temperature: 10 ℃ - 30 ℃
Working humidity: 10% - 90% no condensation
Product weight: 3.5g
Product size: 62mm x 20mm x 8mm


Παράδειγμα ένωσης με το Raspberry Pi Pico

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