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Soil moisture Detector Sensor module + Corrosion Resistance weather proof Probe

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Soil moisture Detector Sensor module + Corrosion Resistance weather proof Probe

Description :

This module is a soil moisture detector sensor module + it has corrosion resistance probe. This soil moisture sensor can read the amount of the moisture present in the surrounding soil. Uses the two probe to pass the current through the soil, as if in the soil more water is present than that soil will conduct the electricity more easily like less resistance will be offered and if the soil is dry than that soil will offer more resistance and soil conduct electricity will be poor. This Moisture Sensor can be used to detect the moisture of soil or judge if there is water around the sensor, let the plants in your garden reach out for human help. They can be very to use, just insert it into the soil and then read it. With help of this sensor, it will be realizable to make the plant remind you. if there is requirement of water or not. This module requires input supply voltage of 3.3 - 12VDC and its working current is less than 20mA. This soil humidity detection module includes a potentiometer and soil moisture thresholds.


    Working Voltage: DC 3.3-12V
    Working Current:     Board Size: 36x15x6mm(L*W*H)
    Sensor Probe Length: 8.8cm/
    Sensor Pin Pitch: 5 mm
    Sensor Cable Length: 1.2 meters
    Sensor Connecting Port: XH2.54 2P
    DO Port: digital value output (DO output current is about 10mA)
    AO Port: analog value output

Pinout Description:

    “S” stand for signal input
    “+” stand for power supply
    “-” stand for GND

Package Includes:

1x Soil Moisture Sensor Module

1x Sensor Probes

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