Tumble:bit building block pack +super:bit (Without micro:bit)

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Tumble:bit building block pack +super:bit (Without micro:bit)


Tumble: bit building kit contains 315 building blocks and two building motors, which can be used to build a two-wheeled balance car and a unicycle. It is equipped with a super: bit expansion board, BBC micro: bit as the core controller, and using MakeCode Editor graphical and Python programming to achieve colorful lights, music whistle and other gameplay. It adopt the physical self-balancing method, the gyroscope calibrates the movement posture in real time, which can keep the car balanced and walk on various terrains. Compared with other building block car, its biggest difference is the use of rubber bands to fix the structure, which has the characteristics of shock absorption, anti-fall, easy cushioning and so on. In addition, it supports Android / iOS dual-system Bluetooth APP control, as well as remote control with a micro: bit handle. We will provide detailed installation tutorials, and it only takes 30 minutes to complete the assembly.



Tumble:bit building blocks balance car





 Package list




Tumble:bit building block pack+super:bit


Recommended reason: suitable for users who already have micro:bit


Building Blocks *315


Building Block Motor *2


Super:bit Expansion Board *1  


USB Cable *1


Lithium Battery *1













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