SP200S+ USB ISP Programmer (For MCUs, EEPROM, etc)

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Support USB1.1 or USB2.0 communication
Support WIN98, WINME, WIN2000, WINXP, VISTA, WIN7 etc 32 bit and 64 bit operating system fully
Support Atmel, Microchip and SST, ST, WINBOND, STC, MSP430 etc brands hundreds of single chip microcomputer and EEPROM Programmer
Using USB port power supply, data and power one line type, convenient laptop users use
ISP interface using Atmel company recommended standard IDC10PIN interface
USB-TTL interface used on STC (manual cold start is required) and MSP430 series BSL program download
Perfect SP200SE programmer, the use of SP200SE software interface, support in both Chinese and English languages

Hardware Features

  • The compact, easy to carry
  • USB interface for communications and power supply,high communication speed, no external power supply
  • Single 40Pin locking design,support 8PIN, 20PIN and 40PIN chip
  • Built-in CPU, programming speed, precise timing, not affected by computer configuration
  • Powerful, easy to operate, the hardware without any manual settings
  • Support ATMEL/WINBOND/MCS51 series of the SST company microcontroller,support ATMEL/MICROCHIP/ST Company serial memory of &24,&93 series.
  • Support MCS51 series of ATMEL Corporation and AVR MCU download Programming (ISP) (only support enhanced version)

Software Features

  • Friendly interface, professional full-featured design
  • Buffer editing capabilities, support for copying, filling, logic operations, data supporting 8 and 16 display
  • Simplified Chinese user interface
  • support WIN98SE/ME/2K/XP and other operating systems
  • System configuration requirements of low, stable operation
  • Programming commands, including programming, read, erase, blank check, verify, encrypt (write lock), fuse bits read and write, read and write configuration bits ...
  • Statistical functions, automatic statistics the number of programming success and failure
  • The serial number function applies a unique ID data is written to the product
  • Support automatic programming operation (equivalent to the batch), and can customize its operation content
  • Recent list of files to quickly load the files have been used
  • The device list functionality to quickly change the device for the recent use of other devices
  • Programming operation sound
  • File changes automatically re-loaded for rapid development phase to update the chip content




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